Recollections of Joining the EU

Iberian and Nordic Experiences
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Granadino, Alan; Stadius, Peter; Marklund, Carl


Since the 2010s, it has become common to view the European project as troubled by crisis. As the EU historical narrative is selective, the problems that we perceive today in the EU seem to be exceptional and unusually dangerous, not the least from the perspective of Europe’s peripheries. In order to assess the current challenges and future prospects of the European project, we need to understand better the complexities of European integration in Southern and Northern Europe in the recent past. 

By bringing together three relevant political actors, deeply involved in these historical events – Esko Aho (Finland), Mats Hellström (Sweden) and Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo (Spain) – this witness seminar provides important insights into the negotiations concerning EC/EU integration as well as the similarities and differences between the Northern and Southern European experiences.

Huddinge : Södertörns högskola, 2023. s. 58.

ISBN 978-91-89615-44-1

Samtidshistoriska frågor, 1650-450X; 44

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